Gabriela Holcer

About Her

Gabriela Holcer has never been far from art, it accompanied her since her childhood through her father a well-known slovak artist, later hrough school or through dance, which she was addicted to for many years. But there was a moment when she decided to devote herself only to fine art, which fulfilled her even more.

At the moment, if she does not travel  anywhere in the world for inspiration or relaxation, she lives and works in Slovakia, where she focuses on drawing, painting and graphic design, which she studied.

At the same time, however, she succumbed to a more specific kind of art, namely silk painting, where she depicts both classic and nonstandard motifs of women – through which she connects different cultures and at the same time sends a message to all women, communicating how endless is their beauty regardless of their origin. How different yet at the same time how very similar we are. You can see it on one of her scarves „OPPOSITE BUT THE SAME“, where she brought together a woman from Tibet and a woman from South America. More at my website specifically about painting on silk:

She specializes in acrylic painting and her favorite motifs are people and animals she loves. In portraits, which are mainly made to order (on commission), she likes to capture the personality and soul, whether she is portraying cats, dogs or humans. Her portraits make unique and unforgettable gifts that the giftee or owner will always value dearly. If you want something like this, you are in the right place and do not hesitate to contact her.

Best proof of the quality of her work are returning clients, or as one of them said about her work:

“If art is a matter of emotions, then your paint-
ing certainly achieved its purpose, because
whenever I look at it, it puts a smile on my
face 🙂 „ –Jérôme Forissier

Recently, she has devoted herself to painting nudes, often a woman immersed in water – like a mermaid. She is fascinated by the depth, transparency, lightness and color, but at the same time the infinity and the power of water, which glides along the curves of the female body, beautifully highlighting and absorbing / obscuring them at the same time. Through these images, Gabriela communicates a message to all women to respect themselves, to feel beautiful in their skin without conforming to trends, values and tastes of someone else. Follow #womenwearebeautiful to see more.

In each of her paintings you will find a bit of herself, her inner world, her feelings, which she then perpetuates with great passion and love. What she does, she adores and hopes you will like her style – see


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Acrylic paintings or drawings of people or animals, portraits or nudes – mostly made to order (on commission).

Worldwide shipping – you can find my art in many corners of the world – I’ve shipped to New York, Toronto, London, Barcelona.

My paintings and designs printed on various types of fabric I use to create dresses, skirts and other types of clothing that will make you stand out.
Unique hand painted silk scarves, on ahimsa silk from India – wearable art you won’t find massproduced in the shops. 

A great gift idea or accessory if
you want to give / wear some-
thing different and memorable.

Graphic design for business (corporate identity, brochures, logos etc) or custom interior designs (solitaire items with my art printed or hand painted).

Customer Feedback

Jérôme Forissier buyer - painting
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“If art is a matter of emotions, then your paint- ing certainly achieved its purpose, because whenever I look at it, it puts a smile on my face 🙂 „
Vance Farrow buyer - painting
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"The painting arrived and it looks amazing! I cannot wait to get it framed and hang it on the wall. I have a perfect place all picked out and thank you for such professionalism in handling the shipping in such a timely manner."
Thomas buyer - silk scarf
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"I bought this absolutely stunning scarf for my girlfriend and can't be anything but very satisfied with the outcome. Needless to say, she was over the moon with the gift and immediately wore it the entire time. The design and colours are simply mesmerizing, so much so, it could be easily a center piece on a living room wall. Too bad men can't wear scarfs like these, because I'd have kept it for myself 🙂 From payment, personal attention to delivery, everything went seamlessly. Thank you so much, Mrs Holcer!"