Gabriela Holcer

About Her

Welcome to Gabriela’s colorful world of creativity and expression! She is a passionate artist dedicated to exploring the depths of human emotion and the beauty of the natural world through her art. In her studio, she embraces the chaos, allowing her hands to become vessels of creativity, often covered in vibrant hues and textures. Her work spans various mediums, but she has a particular love for acrylics and mixed media, where she can truly bring her visions to life.

Water and the sea have always fascinated her, and she finds immense joy in painting their fluidity and depth. Gabriela’s work often features nudes, especially those immersed in water, capturing the serene and transformative essence of the human form in nature. Recently, she has ventured into abstract painting, a new dimension of art that has expanded her creative horizons. This includes using not only acrylics but also pastels, charcoal, and gilding.

Artist Statement

Life craves change—whether good or bad, it requires transformation to progress. This philosophy underlies her current artistic endeavors, which, while connected to her previous work, take on a distinct identity. Through her creations, Gabriela articulates her emotions, perceptions, and selfhood. Her artistic repertoire extends beyond traditional acrylic and brush painting, incorporating techniques such as drawing, pouring paint, and spraying. She also embraces diverse materials, including charcoal, pastel, and gilding, choosing intuitively and unrestrainedly according to the moment.

Gabriela’s artistic process is marked by intuitive creation, reflecting her authentic self and transcending conventional limitations. While she revels in the liberation afforded by expansive canvas formats, She has also found an appreciation for the nuanced exploration offered by smaller dimensions.

“ON THE SURFACE” encapsulates immediate visibility with a clear motif, inspired by the multifaceted essence of womanhood—a nymph, a sinner, and a saint simultaneously. This body of work represents a woman’s rebirth and reinvention, embodying a modern understanding of self. Unafraid to confront the contemporary world from every angle, she entices viewers to look deeper, prompting contemplation on the questions: Why? Who?

Playing with shapes and colors, Gabriela interprets them through the fluidity of water—an eternal source of inspiration that never ceases and gets stronger. Much like a woman, water is boundless and life-giving.

“INSIDE” delves into more intimate realms, descending below the surface to unveil the inner self of the woman depicted in “On the Surface.” Opening the door to her emotions, inner world, and the fantastical realm of moods, she has crafted an abstract language that communicates wordlessly to the viewer. She lets the viewers think and absorb the feeling through the composition, color, and intensity of their own inner world.

“When you learn to know yourself, you will also find and understand your creation.”


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Acrylic paintings or drawings of people or animals, portraits or nudes – mostly made to order (on commission).

Worldwide shipping – you can find my art in many corners of the world – I’ve shipped to New York, Toronto, London, Barcelona, France.

My paintings and designs printed on various types of fabric I use to create dresses, skirts and other types of clothing that will make you stand out.
Unique hand painted silk scarves, on ahimsa silk from India – wearable art you won’t find massproduced in the shops. 

A great gift idea or accessory if
you want to give / wear some-
thing different and memorable.

Graphic design for business (corporate identity, brochures, logos etc) or custom interior designs (solitaire items with my art printed or hand painted).

Customer Feedback

Jérôme Forissier buyer - painting
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“If art is a matter of emotions, then your paint- ing certainly achieved its purpose, because whenever I look at it, it puts a smile on my face 🙂 „
Vance Farrow buyer - painting
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"The painting arrived and it looks amazing! I cannot wait to get it framed and hang it on the wall. I have a perfect place all picked out and thank you for such professionalism in handling the shipping in such a timely manner."
Thomas buyer - silk scarf
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"I bought this absolutely stunning scarf for my girlfriend and can't be anything but very satisfied with the outcome. Needless to say, she was over the moon with the gift and immediately wore it the entire time. The design and colours are simply mesmerizing, so much so, it could be easily a center piece on a living room wall. Too bad men can't wear scarfs like these, because I'd have kept it for myself 🙂 From payment, personal attention to delivery, everything went seamlessly. Thank you so much, Mrs Holcer!"